COMPLY WITH DFARS 252.204-7012 & 252.204-7008

It seems innocent enough, but your new DoD contract has an unfamiliar DFARS clause:

252.204-7012 – Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting

Your first thought is that this probably doesn't apply to you, but you dig in a little more. It soon becomes apparent that this is a HUGE requirement that applies to most DoD contractors.

You see 109 different requirements relating to keeping your information system secure. While you might already meet some of the requirements, others sound complex and expensive. There are some of the requirements that aren't even clear what they want.

So, where do you start?

With our NIST SP 800-171 Implementation Kit:

  • Helps you get organized by providing progress tracking tools. (xlsx format)

  • Contains a template for listing out how you are addressing each of the NIST SP 800-171 requirements (docx format)

  • Contains US Government written details that address each of the requirements (86 pdf documents)

  • Each of the help documents has all of the topical information organized in a single place, no digging necessary.

  • Copies of the DFARS text and NIST SP 800-171 (pdf)

  • A Powerpoint presentation that summarizes the requirements so the bosses will understand what this is all about. (pptx)

The kit is now updated to conform to the December 2016 Revision 1 of NIST SP 800-171.Click here for more details about the contents of the kit.

Implementation of this standard will not be easy for most organizations. Nobody can provide you a bottle of "Instant Compliant Cybersecurity", but this kit will allow you to jump right past the preliminaries. The implementation deadline of December 31, 2017 is rushing toward us and there is a lot to do between now and then. Order the kit today.

The kit is $39.99 and can be yours. Click the button below and then, within 24 hoursyou will emailed a link to download the kit.